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44 Kyu Problems

Making two eyes

Black is now completely surrounded. What's the move?

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Your turn.

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Although black has 3 spaces in the middle, they are just one eye.

So you should make two eyes by making a partition there.

If you don’t, White will play where Black should have played.

For this figure, where should you play, making a partition?

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As you can see, if your territory is too small, you will have a difficult life.

Always try to make your territory big enough and don’t let yourself be surrounded.

And the next case?

In that case, you don't need to make a partition. If White makes a move on A, respond to it with a move on B. If White plays B, play A

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So you can always make two eyes even if white tries to attack.

However, if you ignore White’s attack, he will play A and B.

In this case, you will only have one eye, and you will surely be dead.



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