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45 Kyu Problems - Ladder

Learning the Ladder

Here, you will learn the form called a Ladder (it is sometimes also known by the Japanese name shicho.)

You will soon realize why it is called that.

Capture the white stone.
Try to make successive Ataris as white tries to escape.

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Your turn.

Try again.

The ladder again. Unfortunately, it's your turn to escape.
But in this case, unlike the last one, you can escape.
Good luck!

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Your turn.

Try again.

Did you manage to escape White’s persistent attack?

As you can see, if there is help (in the form of friendly rocks) along the way, you can evade the attack as you can extend faster than the attacker.

What would happen next with the attacker?

He will have a hard life…

Be cautious when trying to evade an attack in the stair case.

Don’t play Go if you don’t know the ladder.



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