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Learn to Play Go Interactive (translation of The Interactive Way To Go) is over.

Hope you enjoyed it and that you can play this interesting and really exciting game called Go.

Now, what should you do to keep playing Go and to get better and better?

1. Play Go

Go is a game. Enjoy playing as much as possible. You will learn a lot just by playing.

If you don’t have anyone to play with, go to the Go servers on the Internet.

There are many Go servers on the Net:

  • KGS Go Server - In my opinion, this is the best place to play Go. One of the most famous Go servers.
  • Pandanet IGS - Famous Go server too. Great place to practice.
  • OGS - Another great server to practice Go.
  • Play Go - Another place to play Go. You can also play with computer programs and mobile apps. Many products are out there. Programs for playing Go are generally very weak, but they are getting stronger and so you can learn and have a lot of fun.

Igowin is one of the best software for beginners. It is free.

Be sure to visit the amazing website about Go Sensei’s Library with lots of information and constantly updated (in English).

2. Watch games

On the Go servers, you can watch people playing Go.

You can learn a lot by watching games from experienced people.

Learning from professional players is the best way to improve.

3. Solve problems

Life and death issues (Tsumego) are issues of how to kill groups locally and how not to let them get killed. There are many useful techniques there.

It continues with the new problem area of ​​Go, the matches played by AlphaGo and a little more about the fundamentals of Go…



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