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Example games

On the board below, you can see a real game from the first move to the last.

By clicking the ">" button, you can advance one move with your explanation.

Keep pressing until it stops advancing.

This is a game on a 9 x 9 board.

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In the end, Black has 28 points and White has 24 points.

But as you can see the captured (Captures) stones are: 1 white stone has been captured so white’s territory is decreased by one point.

Thus, Black won by 5 points.

In this game, Black controlled the left corner and White the right side amicably, without much aggression, from the beginning to the end of the game.

The next game is much more exciting!

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Don’t worry if you don’t understand what’s going on.

In the first game, both players tried to surround the vacant spaces by sharing territories.

In this last game, from White’s fourth move - the cut - both tried to capture the opponent’s stones.

Finally, black occupied the upper right and lower left corners, and white got the lower right and upper left.

White has 18 points and Black has 14 points.

Also, black captured 2 white stones while white killed 7 black stones.

Note that the 2 black stones in the upper left corner are dead as there is no way to escape the position they are in and they will certainly be dead.

White doesn’t have to bother catching these two playing on C9.

However, when the game is over, White can take them off the board and add them to the captured stones.

The end result is:

  • Black : 14 - 7 = 7 points
  • White: 18 - 2 = 16 points

Thus, White won by 9 points.



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