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On the fifth move, Black reinforced his lower left corner when playing at F3. These types of strengthening moves are called Shimari (or 'siege moves' ')
In the next move, White also strengthened his lower right corner with a different shimari.
Black then placed a stone next to a white stone.(J10) This move implies that if White ignores the black stone, Black will invade the corner playing somewhere like in L11. This kind of approach is called Kakari(attacking or 'aiming').
So White "touched" the black stone when playing at J11 to counterattack. After that, each side strengthened.(K11,G10)
White thought it looked like the left side of the board was going to become Black's territory. invaded the left side to avoid this! These moves are called Uchikomi (breaking, and suddenly entering or breaking in) - By the way, you don't have to remember those Japanese words right now.
This is one of the examples of how games start.



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